Monthly Archives: February 2023

2023.02.15 Welcome to Bong Keun

Bong graduated with his MSc from FAU Erlangen, and he started to work in a Korean Engineering company for 6 months as a researcher before joining our research center. He is going to follow his research in the field of downstream processes, more specifically, microalgae, as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Mangi-Cho.

2023.02.01 Welcome to Dr. Jang

We are delighted to announce our newly joined Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr. Jiryeon Jang.

Dr. Jang is focused on the treatment of patients suffering from intractable digestive diseases. The primary objective of her research is to create a system that replicates the functions of the human intestine using organoids and organ-on-a-chips. This system will enable the implementation of digestive diseases in organ chips. The secondary objective of her research is to leverage this system to understand the pathogenesis mechanism of digestive diseases and explore new methods for their treatment.

Dr. Jiryeon Jang