About LSTME Busan

LSTME Busan’s Organizational Structure

Our Vision

With our engineering research and development activities, we focus on meeting the needs of the human individual and mankind. In doing so, we address issues in the areas of energy and nutrition as well as pharmaceuticals. In order to ensure sustainable management of biodiversity, we are also concerned with the impact of our technologies on nature, the environment, and how existing processes can be optimized in this respect. As we are a multinational and intercontinental team, we always consider the needs of the individual, depending on the specific geopolitical conditions of each society. Our vision is therefore in line with the UNESCO Millennium Development Goals.

Our Mission – Sustainability

One part of our mission for a sustainable future for human mankind is creating a bridge between Korea – Germany, Korea Europe, and Asia – Europe. By acquiring public projects in Korea, e.g NRF, KiAT, bi-national German-Korean projects e.g. CORNET, ZIM and Korean-Europe projects e.g. Horizon, Eurostar as well as multinational projects e.g. Global Campus Ghent project with 13 Universities from four continents, we are not only focusing on the local demand of Korean society but also building a bridge between Korea and the worldwide research network.
Locally we are networking with research institutes and enterprise enterprises in Korea and Germany with a focus on Busan’s region e.g. PNU, INJE, KMOU, UNIST, GNU as well as the companies Daewoo Ocean, Dongseo Biotech, Turm brewery. We are available for you as consultants but also with development support and troubleshooting for SME e.g. tech cross, HiLevel, and Spin-offs.
Projects with german industry acquired by the twin institute e.g. helium, Coating

Combine various topic regarding fluid transport processes in Biotechnology and natural process. Human Biological, Medical, Pharmaceutical, energetic process and products as we, as Matter of biological origin and information technological processes